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I am a wholistic fitness instructor, bringing wellness to my students through Yoga, CrossFit and Weightlifting instruction. I am an experienced teacher in these arenas, and teach studio classes, workshops and private courses on the Monterey Peninsula. My private instruction approach often includes a combination of these practices, as I thoroughly cater to the individual needs of each student.

I guide my students with a holistic approach to wellness, using Yin and Yang modalities to achieve balance and inner peace. Our active, often intense lives demand moments of calm and relaxation, and yogic flow and meditation practices aid us in achieving this. At other times, intense physical activities help us release pent-up aggression, anger and other negativities through the freeing, triumphant rush of adrenaline. The fitness balance depends on each student’s lifestyle and health needs.

My passion and desire to understand the body and mind — the inner workings of the human body and the psyche — has motivated me to obtain certifications in Thai Yoga Bodywork (Thai Massage) and Hypnotherapy. The insight from these practices provides greater depth and knowledge and rounds out my approach to teaching.

To get started, navigate to “Practice” tab to see my teaching schedule. If you’d like to schedule an appointment for a private individual or group fitness session, you can reach me through the “Contact” page.


– Kiara McBain

Kiara McBain Training, Experience & Certifications

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